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Joost Dijkema - Sacred Revelations CD (R) / Digipack (Sold out)

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Image of Joost Dijkema - Sacred Revelations CD (R) / Digipack (Sold out)

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First edition. Limited to 200 copies
Full colour digipack

RELEASE DATE: 02/12/2016

Twin Dimension Records is proud to present the debut album of 27-year old Joost Dijkema from Groningen, The Netherlands. Joost, originally a drummer, taught himself to play guitar and banjo around the age of fifteen and soon developed a passion for the fingerpicking guitar technique, inspired by players like Michael Chapman and Townes van Zandt. Written within a year and a half at Joost’s garret at the Ganzevoortsingel in Groningen, Sacred Revelations is a personal record as well as a explorative one. Songs such as Sacred Revelations and To Be Here No More refer to a darker theme, though not without hope, while an instrumental like Woodpecker is more upbeat. The nine songs on this album vary from heartbreaking lonerfolksongs to adventurous, explorative instrumentals on the 6- and 12-string guitar without getting too experimental. The Finnish Heta Salkolahti plays the fiddle adding some delicate layers on the title song, Cutting Loose and To Be Here No More. Joost might well be the only young artist in The Netherlands doing this kind of fingerpicking solo guitar stuff. Awesome collaborative artwork by Steve Krakow aka Plastic Crimewave and Sara Gossett. Listen & digital purchase here: joostdijkema.bandcamp.com